Planting the seed

Hi everyone! In today’s post for my Women In Economics Series I would like to share a quote by Dambisa Moyo from her book ‘Dead Aid’. She is a remarkable Zambian Economist, and a highly influential figure in strategic investment and public policy decision-making.

Dambisa has written several books, the most recent being ‘How Boards Work’ – one that I look forward to reading!

She published ‘Dead Aid’ over a decade ago, however the ending still rings true, where Dambisa quoted the following proverb in her book. This quote was written in the context of implementing better, more thoughtful, public policy. However, I think that it conveys rather a wonderful message for everyone: there is no time like the present. Learn from the past, and start making changes today to invest in your future.

One thought on “Planting the seed

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